Delicious Teas for Energy & Wellness

15+ ★★★★★ Reviews

Delicious Teas for Energy & Wellness

15+ ★★★★★ Reviews

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Why Do You Need Khandu Tea Blends?

Jump Start Your Day

Energize your mind and body (without the crash or jitters).

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Relieve Your Stress

Feel less anxious and more at peace. Release your worries away.

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Support Your Digestion

Soothe your stomach and support healthy digestion.

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Loved By Our Customers


Such a wonderfully fresh, deliciously fruity-smelling, and tasting blend of tastiness that makes you feel whole with each cup! My new go-to fav tea!


Really enjoyed the blend of natural flavors with the amazing aroma! Loved the organic ingredients! I found myself enjoying this all throughout day. Would definitely recommend as a natural, caffeine-free option. Looking forward to trying other flavors


The Energy+Focus blend has the right amount of caffeine to help me start my day! This blend has a wonderful apricot jam aroma and a smooth lemongrass taste.


The Sleepy Tea is an experience worth having every night. I want MORE! The aroma alone is so heavenly and the taste is smooth & comforting which put me in a nice relaxed state. A perfect nightcap for a restful night.


Having a cup of Khandu Tea to get through my day! Delish!



Sip to a happy and healthy life! Our tea blends are crafted to taste delicious and support your wellness. Want to jumpstart your day? Or unwind after a stressful afternoon? From the morning to night, we’ve got you covered

Due to the nature of growing tea plants our tea ingredients are sourced from high quality, fair trade suppliers and their families from around the world. You can literally go around the world with a cup of tea. Whenever possible we try to source our herbs from the United States. Our teas are packaged right here in the Untied States.

Everyone’s body is different. For some herbs and blends, you might feel the impact after a few minutes. Others may be more subtle, and it could take weeks to a month or more before you feel the difference, if any. Sip and enjoy!

Only our Energy+Focus Blends contain natural caffeine from Yerba Mate. Most blends are herbal and contain no caffeine, please check the product's ingredients for more information.

Many cheap tea manufacturers use inferior leftover tea leaves, might as well call it tea dust, from questionable sources. Not us. Our teas are sourced from premium certified estates, and our chemical free process means they taste great, are good for you, and are good for the earth, all at the same time. We source premium leaf, high-grown teas. 100% all-natural flavoring. Fair trade.

Our tea sourcers have maintained strong business relationships with our suppliers and their families for over 15 years. Knowing that all of the tea farms we source from pay their workers a sustainable wage is an important quality we look for in our suppliers. Many of our suppliers have operated family owned tea farms with the same craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations. All products go through 3rd party testing when they arrive. Testing ensures the proper appearance, color, aroma, flavor of the products. Micro & macro scoping testing is conducted to inspect for any foreign matter on the product. Additional testing verifies the identity and purity of the product, screens to prevent pathogens, and inspects a chemical analysis to ensure the product meets or exceeds our quality standards.

Each bag contains 50 grams of tea, which is enough to make 20-25 cups of tea, depending how heavy you like to scoop your tea. And if you save your tea leaves to brew a second cup, you can get over 40 delicious cups from each bag. Compared to a $20 bottle of wine, which only contains 5 glasses, our tea is a great value!

Every Cup Gives Back

1% of your purchase is donated to support college scholarships for the student leaders of tomorrow.