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Delicious Nightly Ritual

Sleepy tea is essential in my nightly unwind ritual. It tastes delicious and relaxes me. A must have!

Stress Relief Tea Blend
Paulino Balbuena

Stress Relief Tea Blend

Wellness Digestion Tea Blend
Catherine Trigones

Tea Good

Absolutely delicious!

The Stress Relief tea is by far my favorite! The taste is subtle and yet you can taste the flavors. I felt settled and relaxed with each sip - perfect before bed time! The sample sizes left me wanting more.

High-quality loose-leaf tea!

The Energy+Focus blend has the right amount of caffeine to help me start my day! This blend has a wonderful apricot jam aroma and a smooth lemongrass taste.

So soothing!

This tea offers a delightful experience from the moment you open the package. The aroma and the taste are equally yummy. It’s a nice soothing feel as it goes down. I've enjoyed Wellness Digestion hot and cold - both ways left my tummy happy :)

Sleepy Tea Blend
Brittney Rae
Sleepy Tea for the WIN!

The Sleepy Tea is an experience worth having every night. I want MORE! The aroma alone is so heavenly and the taste is smooth & comforting which put me in a nice relaxed state. A perfect nightcap for a restful night.

Energy + Focus Tea Blend
Ashton Williams
Great flavor and Aroma

Each blend has a wonderful flavor and the aroma pack a delightful punch for the mood of your day. The ingredients used absolutely create a smooth, tasteful, and clean drink with every sip!! The Energy+Focus is my favorite and gave me the kick start and and afternoon pick me up needed throughout the day.

Tea Samples (2-Pack)
Elizabeth Solorio
Great for people who want try before committing!

I love trying new tea, but sometimes I’m not ready to commit to a full bag. This is a great way to try multiples teas or gift a friend a tea basket with different flavors. I really enjoyed the Stress Relief tea, loved the aroma while brewing and felt calm after drinking.

If you are not ready to get a larger loose-leaf tea package this is a great start. The Energy+Focus has a wonderful apricot jam aroma and a smooth lemongrass taste. After I tried this sample I couldn't wait to get a full size bag.

High-quality loose-leaf tea!

The Energy+Focus blend has the right amount of caffeine to help me start my day! This blend has a wonderful apricot jam aroma and a smooth lemongrass taste. The Focus Tea is ideal during lunch time and it is such a nice treat. At first, when you smell the dry loose-leaves you get a fresh and invigorating peppermint candy scent. A light passion fruit aroma emerges followed by a clean spearmint touch when you steep it. The Sleepy Tea is my favorite of all the blends! I'm a rooibos lover and this one did not disappoint. This blend is great after dinner to help my digestion and get me into a relaxing mood. I love its warm, sweet vanilla bouquet and mild chamomille flavor. If you are into a full-bodied and slightly nutty rooibos finish you can steep it for longer to get the complexity of this blend to shine.

Fresh, clean, flavorful

The second I opened the tea packaging I was hit with a flavorful aroma so immediately I was excited to experience the teas. They not only live up to what they're supposed to do, but they're full of flavor when drank cleanly, and when extras are added, such as honey, the flavor is enhanced with out masking anything.

Love the variety

Love the idea of being able to purchase a single pack. It allowed me to try different flavors I think I'd like before committing to a big bag.

Must try!

The floral goodness of the Focus blend is so delicious!!! I love the body and flavor of this the most. The Energy and Focus blend is the perfect pick me up in the afternoon when my energy is running low.

Refreshing and Smooth

The hint of spearmint in the Focus and Energy tea was refreshing and energizing yet allowed the fruit flavor to shine. The Sleepy Tea was relaxing with a smooth taste and ultimately taste much better than other chamomile teas we’ve had before.

Tea Samples (2-Pack)
Rhesa Singleton
Great Tea!!

I loved having the ability to try out different tea options. The tea smells amazing and tastes even better! I just bought a bundle package!

Simply Delicious!!!

Such a wonderfully fresh, deliciously fruity-smelling, and tasting blend of tastiness that makes you feel whole with each cup! My new go-to fav tea!

Great quality!

Really enjoyed the blend of natural flavors with the amazing aroma! Loved the organic ingredients! I found myself enjoying this all throughout day. Would definitely recommend as a natural, caffeine-free option. Looking forward to trying other flavors!

Tea Samples (2-Pack)
Samara Payton

The pre-measured sample portions makes it super quick and easy to brew! Great size for trying different flavors. Pleasantly aromatic and soothing.

Focus Tea Blend
Poor communication regarding order status

I have been very excited for my family and I to try the focus tea blend. My wife and daughter both have ADHD and it sounds like this tea could help but even if it doesn't, the passionfruit flavor is one of my wife's favorites. Unfortunately, I ordered the tea almost 2 weeks ago and have not received tracking information or an ETA for delivery yet. I went on the website and it just says that the order is being prepared. I did receive the tea soon after I wrote this review initially which is great. My family and I really enjoyed the tea and I received email communications from the team at Khandu. This delivery issue appears to have been a fluke and we will be sure to order again.

Hi David, sorry that you have not received your tea yet. We're actively working to resolve this issue and make things right. Please check your email for an update on your order.