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We’re Juwon & Aaron, co-founders of Khandu Tea. We’re busy dads who have been friends since our college days. As things have gotten busier with work, family and to-dos, we found ourselves struggling with the energy to do it all. Like most, we downed sugary drinks, heavy lattes, energy pills, etc. and our brains and bodies suffered. With some research on healthy ways to stay energized and well we came across the age old solution…TEA!

The Challenge

Life is crazy, there is always more to do. As a result we seek shortcuts to give us the energy to get things done. Shortcuts like energy drinks and sodas give you a caffeine bump and taste great because of the buckets of sugar that are dumped into them. Did you know that African Americans are twice as likely to die from diabetes?* The short term boost is not worth the long term health risks.

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Our Solution

Khandu Tea is a leap in the right direction! By replacing energy drinks and sugary lattes with delicious tea blends, we provide an alternative that helps people live their best life, accomplish their goals and optimize their health to spend more time with family and friends. Our ethos is that with tea and the Khandu mindset (mental health, exercise, diet and sleep) we can get more done than we ever thought possible without the risks.

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Ingredients Sourced Responsibly

We source premium leaf, high-grown teas from around the world and package in the US. 100% all-natural flavoring. Fair trade.

Taste The Difference

Our teas are thoughtfully blended with natural and organic ingredients to taste good without having to dump a mountain of sugar into your cup. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to decide if Khandu Tea products are right for you. If you are not satisfied we will refund your full purchase price.

Loved By Our Customers


The Energy+Focus blend has the right amount of caffeine to help me start my day! This blend has a wonderful apricot jam aroma and a smooth lemongrass taste.


Such a wonderfully fresh, deliciously fruity-smelling, and tasting blend of tastiness that makes you feel whole with each cup! My new go-to fav tea!


Really enjoyed the blend of natural flavors with the amazing aroma! Loved the organic ingredients! I found myself enjoying this all throughout day. Would definitely recommend as a natural, caffeine-free option. Looking forward to trying other flavors


The Sleepy Tea is an experience worth having every night. I want MORE! The aroma alone is so heavenly and the taste is smooth & comforting which put me in a nice relaxed state. A perfect nightcap for a restful night.


It's Your Turn!

Take back control of your health, ditch the sugary drinks and sip to a happy & healthy life!

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