How to Simplify Your Life and Find Some Inner Peace - Episode 3


In this episode, we discuss the pressure to "fit everything in."  According to a recent article from the Mayo Clinic, trying to do "fit everything in" often leads to filling our days with activities that we may not value. Making the best decisions about how we spend our time requires mindfulness and attention to what is truly important in our lives. 

We have to consciously decide what to focus on and what to neglect, rather than letting our schedule get made by default. And the idea that we can fit everything in with enough hard work and time management tricks can set us up for burnout and disappointment. Concentrating on the key priorities that really matter means resisting the temptation to keep options open, and standing firm against the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Meaningful productivity comes from thoughtfully choosing where to focus our precious time and energy. When we can focus on the few important things first, we can find some peace of mind, and build the most meaningful life possible.


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