Save Money, Eat Well: Tips Stay On Budget & Still Eat Healthy - Episode 14

Grocery prices are on the rise! So what can we do to stay on budget, while still eating healthy? Registered dietitian nutritionist, Lauren Larson, shares some great tips: 

Planning ahead is crucial 

While it can be tempting to just roam the aisles and throw whatever catches your eye into the cart, those impulse purchases quickly add up. “Look at what you have in the freezer and the pantry, and choose recipes based on what you have on hand to help minimize food waste and save money,” Larson said. “If you’re looking for inspiration on what to make, see which proteins, fruits and veggies are on sale and build meals around those. This can help you eat seasonally, too.”

Pick recipes with repeated ingredients to help reduce waste and write out your meal plan on a calendar with weekly events.

Many restaurants do this with their menus to help manage food costs. A complicated dinner on a night with sports practices and activities is a surefire way to end up grabbing take-out. Instead, plan to use a slow cooker, eat leftovers, or make a quick and easy meal for busy nights.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

“Canned green beans may be cheaper than fresh, but if you’re more likely to eat and enjoy the fresh green beans, the extra cost can be worth it. And don’t forget that paying a bit more for a healthier option may be a good investment overall. ‘You’re ultimately investing in your health and decreasing future medical expenses," Larson said.”

With a little planning and mindful shopping, we can still eat healthy, invest in our well-being, and stay on budget (or close to it 😀)


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